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Google Workspace Transformation

Everything You need to Get Work Done, Now in One Place

As a Google Workspace Partner, we have the expertise in transforming your work place by implementing Google Workspace Solution that will enable people to connect, create and collaborate at the ease of location on any device securely and easily. Partner with us to start your journey in reinventing the traditional workspace to harness your digital transformation, increase productivity and enjoy the benefits of reduction of cost.

Make work from anywhere a reality

Today's teams need flexible, secure, and easy-to-use tools that empower them to work how they want and wherever they want. Our enterprise consultants and change management experts will empower your team to connect, create, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere with Google Workspace. A comprehensive solution which offers all the productivity and collaboration tools you need – in one place. With email, cloud storage, video conferencing, chat, and more, you'll have a flexible workspace that “just works,” no matter what device or browser you are using.

Get more done by working smarter, not harder.

Save valuable time with tools that enable teams to focus on high-value work. We’ll help you maximize your teams’ productivity with technology that anticipates their needs. Google Workspace boasts intelligent, helpful features that save employees time and hassle. Powered by Google AI, Workspace makes smart suggestions so you can focus on what’s important. DMS SWT will help you save even more time by integrating Cloud Search, which brings the best of Google Search to your business and makes it easy for employees to find the information they need, when they need it.

Reduce complexity with familiar tools.

We’ll help you reduce complexity so you can spend less time managing your work and more time actually doing it. Google Workspace integrates the familiar communication and collaboration tools known and loved by billions of users. By seamlessly bringing together messaging, meetings, docs, and tasks, your teams will have few distractions and more time to make it happen. Our experts will help you simplify organizational change through training and change management best practices. This will transform the way teams work while empowering employees to confidently embrace new technologies.

Supercharge your remote teams.

Google Workspace Essentials provides cloud-based collaborative tools without disrupting your current email environment. With a focus on collaboration, Google Workspace Essentials includes Google Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides at affordable rates without compromising on security. We can deploy your team in under 5 days, along with expert user-adoption sessions to get your teams connected and ready for what’s next.

Connect face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.

With Google Meet, you can securely host or join meetings with up to 250 participants from any modern browser or using the Meet iOS or Android apps - no plug-ins required. You can also share a tab, window, or your entire screen with attendees.

Take advantage of significant cost savings.

Switching from Zoom and Box can result in >60% monthly savings. Essentials also works with other productivity tools, including Microsoft Office, so you can save on implementation and integration costs.

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