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DMSiTOS - Comprehensive Destination Management Suite

DMSiTOS - Comprehensive Destination Management Suite is a Tour Operating System for Destination Management Companies (DMC) to streamline their operations in an effective and efficient manner. It allows the user to plan, control cost and manage a tour from the start to the end.

DMSiTOS is complete with factions to generate and print/email itineraries, generating amending and cancelling of tours with automatically generated requisitions, amendments to requisitions, cancellation of requisitions and tour advances required by the tour. Flexible, full-feature multi-currency invoicing option of DMSiTOS allows tracking and invoicing of tours partially or fully.

DMSiTOS has two support systems Post-Tour Costing System (PostITOS), Transport Management System (TRS) and an Outbound Travel Management Module (iMate). PostITOS provides accurate information on tour profitability to the finance department. TRS is a system used to manage transport related requirements in the tour operations. The TRS is available as an additional plug-in to DMSiTOS. The DMSiTOS iMATE is intended to provide the front office outbound executives of the customer an easy to use, integrated to GDS & vouchering & invoicing platform for outbound services.

DMSiTOS is in the fourth generation of DMSs proven offering to the destination management of travel & hospitality industry and it offers four implementation methods ie, client server, web based, hybrid models. DMSiTOS is built on Oracle technologies and harnesses features in Oracle.

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