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DMS Software Technologies is a leading and pioneering IT solutions provider with a proven track record of successfully deploying large and complex projects across multiple industries. We enable companies to shape the future of their business by leveraging the opportunities of adapting new technologies that help transform and digitize their respective businesses. Our solutions and services have enabled customers to seamlessly harness the fullest potential of their IT investments, improve operational performance and minimize cost.


Incorporated in 1995, DMS Software Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is widely known for its delivery of IT and Consultancy services across various geographical boundaries. We are a member of the DMS Group of Companies.
DMS partnership with Oracle Corporation dates back to 1991 where DMS along with Oracle have continued to help the businesses to transform and digitize their business processes since then. DMS and Oracle began their Cloud Journey in 2015.

Data Management Systems Limited (DMS), a pioneer in the Information Technology Industry in Sri Lanka has provided ICT products and services for more than 43 years to more than 6000 customers in various industry verticals. DMS Group has a staff strength of more than 750 at present specialized in many areas within the ICT Industry. DMS Group represents many of the Leading Information Technology Companies in the world.

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Our Approach

It is our mission to help our customers navigate the ever changing business landscape and meet the demands of the new digital world by leveraging on our expertise. Our wealth of domain knowledge, technical know-how, industry specific skills and expertise enables us to deliver solutions that add exponential value to your business. Our approach provides an unparalleled service of architecting the ideal solution for your business by successfully integrating the right processes, people and technology.

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