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Digital Platform Innovations

APIs, Integration & Microservices

Create omnichannel experiences, accelerate innovation, improve business efficiency and forge new lines of revenue. That’s what a unified platform for API management, data and application integration and microservices can do for you.

Modern solutions for modernization problems

Agility isn't reserved just for cloud-native companies. It's possible for all, as long as systems, things, applications and partners are relentlessly and seamlessly connected.

Those connections are made possible by APIs, integration and microservices. Our platform helps you manage them so that nothing is impossible.

You can unlock innovation by delivering new business models made possible by a connected digital ecosystem. You can modernize without building from scratch - connecting the systems and apps that you trust with those that will help you scale. And you can bring digital transformation within reach, allowing existing resources to enable new digital products.

Data Integration

Data-driven business is not a choice. It’s a necessity. Deliver analytics-ready data through resilient and repeatable pipelines that reduce costs and risks associated with data flow across the enterprise.

Our API & Data Integration Solutions
- API Management
- Data Integration
- Application Integration
- B2B Integration
- Mainframe Integration
- Managed File Transfer
- Microservices

Internet of Things

Connect your smart equipment and bring device data to the forefront to get insights that will save you money (and eliminate downtime) with an open, enterprise-grade IoT platform.
Innovate new services & experiences, optimize operations and accelerate outcomes with an ecosystem ... in short, become a truly connected enterprise with the Internet of Things.
Put the power of IoT data in the hands of many across your organization—because the more accessible your IoT insights, the greater their business impact. From connected product manufacturers to machine operators and plant managers, your team can quickly connect devices and sensors, and integrate and analyze the data they generate by using our IoT solutions.
Bridge your OT and IT landscapes by using our unique combination of leading IoT & integration capabilities, allowing for multi-cloud, best-of-breed architectures, and years of practical experience with hundreds of successful projects.

Our IoT Solutions
- IoT Platform
- IoT Analytics
- IoT Application Development
- IoT Device Connectivity
- IoT Device Management
- IoT Edge Computing
- IoT Integration
- IoT for Industries
- IoT for sustainability

IoT business benefits:
- Increase operational efficiencies
- Cuts Maintenance costs & Machine downtime
- Improve customer experience
- Innovate, Differentiate and Distrupt
- Shorten innovation cycles
- New business model - everything as a service

Digital Transformation

Optimize your IT investments and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in your IT portfolio.

Business Process Management
Turn your strategy into an operating model. With business process analysis and management, you can lead (and finally complete) digital transformation.

Here are a few examples of how teams can implement digital transformation:

HR Team: An HR team transitions from sending out traditional paper forms to sign offer letters and paperwork to a new digital agreement software to decrease the amount of time spent between the interview and onboarding process.

IT Department: An IT team implements a digital ticketing platform system to react to bugs and customer service issues more quickly.

Project Management Team: A project management team implements a new digital project management software to help house all of the important information in one place. This way, stakeholders can access the information they need when they need it.

Digital transformation looks different for every company, and subsequently this also means that there’s no one set strategy to implement digital transformation. That’s ok. The important thing is to approach the process thoughtfully and systematically.

The benefits of digital transformation:
- Stay up-to-date with the competitive landscape
- Encourages innovation
- Increases team agility
- Provides a better customer experience
- Increases productivity and efficiency
- Provides a foundation for scalabilit

AI & Machine Learning

The expertise team at DMS will support you to build intelligent enterprises, deliver measurable customer experience, and adhere to risk and compliance by implementing successful AI-ML engagements. The R&D team backed by curated partnerships with leading academic universities and vendors give our clients an edge to stay ahead of the digital curve.

Web Design, Development & eCommerce

DMS SWT takes an engineering-led approach to improve customer and employee experiences by innovative, attractive and optimized web application design solutions. Our expertise allows businesses to focus on engaging the right audience with relevant content.
With a deep understanding of the customer experience lifecycle, We make it quick and easy for companies to drive design content, personalization, better measurement and continuous optimization while connecting content to multiple channels – for stronger audience engagement and conversions via web, eCommerce & mobile apps.

Evolving. Transforming. Empowering