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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The dynamic landscape of the modern world today requires businesses to be geared with a comprehensive and modern ERP suite that manages and integrates all core areas of the business seamlessly.

As a pioneering Oracle Partner, DMS brings 25+ years of expertise gained from successfully implementing a large number of ERP projects. DMS will provide the expertise and assess your industry specific needs, develop the right solution and provide extensive training for the users. As premier service provider, DMS will be there with your organization every step of the transformation Journey as your trusted ERP implementation partner. We are specialized in Modern and Integrated Oracle ERP deployment on Cloud, On – Premise and Hybrid.

Oracle ERP Product Portfolio:

Oracle Financial Cloud

To respond swiftly to circumstances in an ever-evolving business environment, Oracle Financials supports you with an entire outlook of your financial position and its outcomes in order to achieve your organizational goals.

Oracle Project Management Cloud Service

Oracle Project Management assists you in planning and keeping a tab on all your ongoing projects, assigning the right talent to the right task, scaling of your resources in accordance with speedy change in needs, and balancing capacity against the demand.

Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service

Oracle Revenue Management Cloud is a part Oracle ERP Cloud services and it facilitates businesses to organize client contracts and performance obligations swiftly to assist the organization to address the revenue mandates and accounting standards.

Oracle Fusion Risk Management and Compliance Cloud Service

Oracle Risk Management and Compliance makes use of built-in data science to improve financial controls, avoid cash leakage, streamline audits, and track emerging risks—all while saving time on work-force intensive protection and compliance duties.

Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Service

Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Service is a strong accounting engine that brings together and streamlines information from fundamentally any source system to continuously apply accounting policies and meet manifold reporting requirements this enables your organization greater agility, control and insights required to operate the business.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite is continuing to deliver excellence building on a 30-year history of Innovation. Oracle E-Business Suite supports today’s evolving business models, drives productivity, and meets the demands of the modern mobile user.

Discover your future with Oracle ERP and DMS SWT:
- Proven track record in implementing ERP solutions over 25+ years across the Globe.
- Pool of Oracle ERP certified consultants and specialists.
- Our project management expertise will guarantee the best outcome for your investments.
- We will help you automate your business processes with the most advanced analytics, AI and ML.
- Faster Deployment that simplifies and speed up your day to day business operations.
- We ensure highest quality in delivery of solutions.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

The traditional HR model is transforming in a global scale, as it is rapidly evolves from paper –based process to an entirely digital driven process.

At DMS we collaborate with our customers collectively to help digitally transform their existing HR strategies, to better manage the workforce of the future. Our approach enables them to create a digital platform that interacts with employees and fosters innovation. Our Oracle Cloud HCM Expertise will continue to be with your organization - managing every step of your Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) journey.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management is a comprehensive solution that links every distinct human resource activity from ‘hire to retire’. Inherently constructed for the cloud, it ensures a consistent user experience across devices; thus providing the ideal and accurate centralized application suite for HR data to aid organizational decision-making. Furthermore, it equips the organization with market-leading innovations that would meet not just their present needs but also its future requirements.

Oracle HCM Product and Solutions

Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources

It is a comprehensive solution that brings together the core HR functionalities. Oracle Cloud HCM allows companies to optimize employee value, make better decisions, personalize employee experiences, and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization.

Oracle Fusion Absences Management

It enables organizations to manage employee absenteeism proficiently both globally and locally with the application of policies and rules while allowing the organization to produce basic or complex or differentiated absence plans.

Oracle Fusion on -Boarding

Oracle On-boarding Cloud Service accelerates new employee productivity by organizing new recruit paperwork; ensuring that the environment is ready on time, and immediately connecting these new recruits with the organization’s culture, rules and regulations and training.

Oracle Fusion Workforce Modeling

Oracle Workforce Modeling is an important component of Oracle Cloud HCM. It enables customer’s progressive insights into workforce trends and allows your business to take timely and proactive actions while streamlining organizational workforce plans with business objectives.

Oracle Fusion Work Life Solutions

Oracle Work Life Solutions have taken a step further to assist your employees to keep a good balance between their professional and personal lives. This is intended to improve creativity, productivity and allow employees to be more effective.

Oracle Talent Management

It gives organization the control over each layer of the talent life cycle. It’s an all-in one solution for end to end talent management that will allow you to manage your core talent functionalities to have your employees more involved, attentive, strategical and productive when carrying out their day to day business operations.

Workforce Compensations

It provides you with a best in class solution to allocate compensation among a cluster of employees irrespective of their geographical boundaries, brands, departments, currencies or programs. Integration and robust configuration abilities are what makes it stand out as a premier compensation solution in the 21st Century.

Oracle Learning

Oracle Learning allows organizations to grow and adapt to the ever changing business environment. It gives the organization the ability to be quick to react to changes, enhance productivity through collaboration and empowers inflow and the outflow of knowledge among various communities in the organization.

Oracle Fusion Recruitment

Oracle Recruiting is the best way to stay ahead of your competition and attract the ‘cream of the crop’. It harnesses on a data driven approach and a mobile user interface to find and involve candidates both externally and internally.

Oracle Fusion Payroll

Oracle Fusion Payroll is completely integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM to enable more effective, compliant payroll operations regardless of the industry, company size or employee types. It provides a simplified solution to compensate your workforce.

Oracle Fusion Time & Labor

Oracle Time and Labor is natively integrated with Oracle Global HR, Oracle Absence Management, Oracle Payroll, and Oracle Project Costing to facilitate an array of time entry requirements. It is a complete, user friendly and rules based time recording and management system designed to provide your organization with optimum transparency and control over your workforce.

Oracle E-Business Payroll & Time and Labor

Oracle E-Business Payroll helps you to configure non regulated payroll. It is tightly integrated with Oracle E-Business time and labor.

Transform your HR journey with Oracle HCM Cloud and DMS SWT:
- Proven Market Leader.
- Attract best talent and retain the existing workforce
- Scalable Business Agility
- Trusted Innovation Partner
- Proven Track record in successfully deploying large projects across boundaries
- Oracle HCM Certified Professionals and Consultants

Supply Chainl Management (SCM)

The manufacturing process is rapidly evolving to keep up with the pace of business advances today. Business leaders must streamline the traditional SCM systems that stymies growth and organizational survival and encompass a modern, flexible and scalable Oracle SCM cloud solution. This will enable organizations to face diverse business challenges such as new regulations, fluctuating demand, increasing buyer expectations and shorter product –life cycles -head on.

With Oracle SCM Cloud we help you to unify your end-to-end business processes considering the changing supply chain needs of the modern enterprise, while enabling organizations to optimize and streamline their entire value chain.

Oracle SCM Product and Solutions

Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Service

It allows organizations to have complete transparency and control over the movements of inventory across the business supply network. Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Service enables organizations to maximize inventory, service level and working capital while reducing expenses.

Oracle Fusion Procurement Cloud Service

Simplify and integrate source-to-pay with built-in analytics, an intuitive user interface, and collaboration that modernize supplier management, enforce compliant spending, facilitate best supplier selection, and enhance overall profitability.

Oracle Fusion Order Management Cloud Service

Oracle Fusion Order Management is a comprehensive, multi-channel, order to cash solution that organizes orders among several systems , streamlines product configurations, allows dynamic pricing and global order promising.

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Cloud Service

It is a solution that unifies the end-to-end business processes considering the changing supply chain needs of the modern enterprises while enabling organizations to optimize and streamline their entire value chain.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service

It is designed to face the challenges in today’s marketplace, manage complicated order fulfillment and obtain transparency in inventory from the distribution center to the store shelf by transforming your organizational warehouse operations.

Oracle Maintenance Management Cloud Service

Oracle Maintenance Cloud brings smooth and efficient processes, planning and implementing work and fulfills end to end transparency into your organizations’ maintenance operations. Developed on Cloud it harnesses on progressive technologies such as IoT, AI and ML to provide seamless maintenance operations.

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud Service

Designed on the cloud, it enables the management of manufacturing and supply chain materials with in-built innovative cost management & entrenched enterprise quality management. It also allows - analytics and 2-click ease of use, so as to assist organizations to enhance productivity and increase their ROI.

Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Solutions

Oracle On-Premise Supply Chain Solution which includes Inventory Purchasing, Order Management and Advanced Supply Chain with mobile interfaces that runs on Oracle OCI Gen 02 Cloud Services as well.

Streamline your Supply Chain with Oracle SCM Cloud and DMS SWT:
- Streamline your customer order process.
- End-to-end management of product cycle and buying process
- Real time access to accurate data in the supply chain
- Latest & innovative embedded technologies
- Supply Chain expert services

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Business operations become more complicated as your business grow. Eventually the management and the decision making will become cumbersome and lower your ability to respond swiftly and appropriately to a fast changing business environment. Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) enables organizations to model and plan across functions such as finance, HR, supply chain, and sales; streamline the financial close process to keep your business competitive and agile.

Oracle EPM Product and Solutions

Account Reconciliation

It is a custom-built business process in the Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM to facilitate the global reconciliation operations. This provides the benefits of real-time visibility of the reconciliation performance and the ability to streamline and maximize organizational performance through automated reconciliations tasks.

Financial Consolidation and Close

This is a consolidation and reporting solution developed and executed on Oracle Cloud that enables easy and swift execution. Financial Consolidation and Close helps ensure that processes are: dependable and accurate, timely and transparent, streamlined and efficient and, compliant and auditable.

Planning & Budgeting

It allows organizations to navigate reliable, integrated plans among businesses while enabling you to get rid of business ambiguities with scenario modelling, harnessing on best practices and predictive intelligence among finance and other departments.

Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service

Simply put, it is an analytical solution that provides actionable insights and manages the cost and revenue allotments by integrating data from various systems seamlessly. Profitability and cost management is built for the analysts with in-depth domain knowledge in areas such as computation and reporting methods.

Model and Plan your business functions with Oracle EPM Cloud and DMS SWT:
- Flexible & Comprehensive reporting.
- Robust Modelling Capabilities
- Accurate Forecasting
- Skilled Resource Pool
- In-Depth product knowledge and hands on experience in solution delivery

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