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Core Infrastructure Solutions

In today’s fast paced and rapidly changing environment the requirement for a solid IT infrastructure has become more complex and demanding. Customers require more flexibility, high availability and advanced security in their IT infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a comprehensive platform of public cloud services that enable customers to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available and high performance environment.

- Cost effectiveness
- Performance enhancements
- Autonomous services
- Highly scalable PaaS services
- Ease of migrating enterprise applications
- Support hybrid architectures

DMS Cloud Infrastructure Services
DMS has been accredited by Oracle as a Cloud Implementation Partner to install & support the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. DMS provides an end to end value proposition to the customer with multi-disciplinary services. These include
1. New Implementation in the cloud Infrastructure
2. Lift & Shift of existing workloads to Cloud
3. Disaster Recovery (DR) Deployment
4. Cloud Monitoring Services
5. Cloud Analytics Services
6. IoT platforms development
7. Chatbot deployments

AWS Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of different business purpose global cloud-based products. The products include storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, development tools, enterprise applications, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.
DMS SWT is an AWS partner, bringing impressive and extensive AWS cloud management expertise. With our continuous engagement model, We function as an exclusive partner of your IT Managed Services.

Google Cloud Platform

Digital transformation is more than “lifting and shifting” old IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost saving and convenience. True transformation spans the entire business and enables every person to transform. We deeply understand today's technology requirements and the need to continuously innovate. That's why organizations build their transformation cloud and solve their biggest challenges with Google Cloud.

Core Technology

Core Technology is the heart of any base system which includes Database Technologies, Database Security, Monitoring and Performance Management of the Database and Application server management. DMS provides a comprehensive Core Technology Management solution since its inception in 1995 and assists many global and local customers for their technology evolution.

Core Technology Solutions from DMS
1. Oracle database technologies
2. MySQL Database Management
3. Oracle database security solutions
4. Database audit solutions
5. Database monitoring and tuning solutions
6. Oracle Weblogic server management
7. Open source database solutions
8. Open source application server solutions

Systems Engineering

DMS helps customers to bring together their on-premise and cloud systems with the help of multiple technologies and the technical support of our certified and experienced systems engineering team. DMS together with Oracle provide comprehensive hardware solutions to the customers.

Oracle Engineered Systems - Oracle Exa-Data
It is a full stack solution that improves the performance, scale, security and availability of an enterprises oracle database. It incorporates more than 60 unique features such as smart scan SQL offload that are co-engineered with Oracle database to accelerate OLTP , Analytics and Machine learning applications.

Oracle Database Appliance
It is optimized to run applications and Oracle databases in remote, small and medium business and edge computing environment.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLR)
It continuously protects Oracle databases throughout the enterprises and accelerates their recovery to any point in time. It integrates unique automated backup and recovery, remote replication and Oracle cloud archiving capabilities.

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
It is a scalable solution that optimizes to run enterprise applications and middleware quickly and with a low TCO.

x86 Servers
Oracle servers x 86 systems allow customers to run Oracle databases, middleware and application workloads on industry standard x86 servers with high security and performance. Oracle Operating systems and virtualization software are included at no extra charges, eliminating hidden customer cost and reducing the total cost of ownership.
Oracle SPARC T-Series & M-Series Servers
Oracle SPARC servers run on Oracle Solaris ,which are ideal for mission critical applications that require high performance best in class availability and unmatched scalability in all the applications tiers.
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
It is a Unified storage system that allows customers to consolidate files, block and object storage on a single platform.
Oracle Storage Tek tape libraries
It allows customers to use offline storage to protect crucial data from cyber-attacks and archive Peta Bytes of data with low TCO.
Oracle Linux and Virtualization solutions
It is an open and a complete operating environment .Oracle Linux delivers virtualization, management and cloud native cloud computing tools along with the operating systems in single support offerings.

Enterprise Security

DMS together with Paloalto Networks provide a comprehensive enterprise security solution to the on-premise and cloud customers. Paloalto Networks provides platforms that include advanced firewalls and cloud based offerings that extend those firewalls to cover other aspects of security.

1. Network Security
2. Secure access service edge
3. Cloud native security
4. Security service automation
5. Threat intel and consulting

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