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Digital Engineering Services

The world’s shift towards digitization demands that businesses should have a modern approach in building applications. Enterprises need to adhere to emerging digital technologies and build applications that deliver a competitive advantage. We at DMS SWT offer expertise on cutting edge technologies and languages that are paramount to build next-gen applications with rapid development and deployment at your organization.

We provide the following features and best practices in order to make your digitization a reality

- One Stop-Shop that offers from requirement elicitation up to Application Deployment, support and maintenance
- Agile Project Management to accelerate project delivery
- Micro Services Architecture to deliver Modernize custom applications, mobile apps and build API ecosystems.
- Pre-built frameworks with reusable components, patterns and solutions to drastically reduce the time to code.
- Rapidly bring together various functionality and deliver new solutions with our Pre-engineered platforms with a library of reusable code.
- Research and development team continuously explore the best practices in the respective domains and applicability of the most suitable cutting edge technology to innovate the right solution.

Bespoke Software Development

We are resilient in developing Bespoke Software Solutions to cater your unique operational requirements which supports you to be in the competitive advantage in your business arena. Our Software Development Professionals are dedicated to design custom- and tailor-made solutions, taking your business requirements into account with the use of the most appropriate technologies and tools. We engage in various bespoke software development projects in different Domains and complexities. We carry more than 25+ year’s hands on experience in designing cost-effective, be-spoke software solutions using modern technologies that are secure, reliable and scalable in a timely manner.

We are expertized on
- Web based applications
- Mobile Applications
- API services for integrations
- Business Process Re-Engineering and Automation

Outsourced Software Development

At DMS we are committed to provide high quality outsource software development services that will allow organizations in different industry verticals to bridge their skill gaps in their teams and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

The services offerings includes,
- Undertake complete sub-contracting of software development
- Change Requests of existing home made solutions
- Vulnerability resolution of existing home made solutions

Digital Process Automation

We offer robust Our Digital Process Automation (DPA) service drives the vision, structure and a consultative led approach to achieve the right outcomes. We help drive business growth through digital transformation by improving operations, increasing productivity, and providing real-time business intelligence built on strong IT infrastructure. We lead process automation projects with a methodology to align delivery with application modernization with latest technologies. Our methodology assesses the existing technology landscape and includes enterprise architects in the delivery process to ensure technology alignment to build automation.

AI & Machine Learning

The expertise team at DMS will support you to build intelligent enterprises, deliver measurable customer experience, and adhere to risk and compliance by implementing successful AI-ML engagements. The R&D team backed by curated partnerships with leading academic universities and vendors give our clients an edge to stay ahead of the digital curve.

Industrial IoT Services

DMS team specialized on offering rapid IoT prototyping that enables quick visualization of IoT concepts. Our rapid prototyping ideology helps clients adopt newer technologies faster and improve time-to-market.

Some of our key focus areas include,
- Processing high-volume data and information streams from various devices/sensors
- Leveraging machine learning to drive adaptive analytics and respond in real-time
- Delivering cross-industry solutions and use cases to accelerate time-to-market
- Providing API/Micro services layer to seamlessly integrate across touch points
- IoT and data security

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