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DMS Training Centre was established in 1988 to specialize in computer Education and Training.  We are a pioneer in technology transfer in Sri Lanka. DMS Training Centre has established itself as a leader in computer education / training and continues to be recognized for its  quality.

The quality of our training courses have earned us
the recognition in many corporate customers in Sri Lanka. DMS Training Centre caters to specific training requirements of corporate customers and provides on–site training, utilizing customer's facilities.

DMS Training Cent
re comprises of air conditioned lecture rooms, computer labs, student rest areas and a lunch room. The computer hardware, software, audio visual aids, and network infrastructure installed for dedicated training purposes exceeds US$ 150,000.00 at present.


DMS Professional Training Centre

Vocational Training Division
This Division will have courses which are designed to cater to students at a cost, which is affordable and equally which will be of high Quality. The “Vocational Training Centre” would be solely responsible in developing & delivering courses that fit an individual to be employed in the context of as “...a budding professional” who would choose his or her career path in IT.

Interactive Training Division
The Interactive Centre will be delivering courses that are authorized & leading to certified technical paths. Courses would be customized to handle individual courses that are not categorized under a specific technical path. The focus would be on the corporate sector where the requirement is to get staff trained with a recognized path/Certification.

Corporate Consultancy Division
This division is focused on a wide area of the corporate sector & will mainly function in 2 areas,

• Training Consultancy – A force which will analyze IT training requirements to provide optimal & customized training solutions to companies.
• This force will study clients business model and processes and recommend viable solutions to align their business with the IT initiatives and lead to E-Business Development through consultancy.

The different solutions that we will develop for our clients will help them optimize their existing business, and take initiatives to enlarge the business using the new economy tools.

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DMS Training Centre
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General Information :- info@dmsswt.com